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Nod your head if you’re unhappy with the growth of your business (or blog)?

<I see you>

Know why?

Why do others have it all figured out: relationships with influencers, an engaged audience, paid speaking gigs, and guest posts featured on top blogs while you’re just stumbling along? (if this isn’t you, just stick with me here)

You need to stop doing these things right now:

  • commenting on blogs or forums to get traffic
  • reading other people’s posts instead of writing your own
  • writing guest posts every so often (or never)
  • sounding dull and “corporatey” in your blog posts
  • begging other people to share your content
  • wasting time on social media (go automate it with MeetEdgar)

You need to start being a content producer.

Instead of consuming other people’s content (OPC), start feeding the content pipeline.

If you aren’t producing content on a consistent basis, you’re losing out on customers and sales while others around you are building more successful businesses.

See, blogging isn’t just a hobby anymore.

Blogging is a business, assuming you have a decent sales funnel in-place.

Blogging is in a golden age as there’s now over 3.2 billion people using the internet worldwide.

With your blog, you can get people to know, like and trust you and want to buy from you.

Not only that but it’s the least risky way to launch new products, as you can see how much of an interest your readers take in a blog post and send them surveys.

To get to where you want to be, you need to take uncomfortable action that is outside your comfort zone.

That means befriending people you normally wouldn’t reach out to and building relationships with bloggers and “so called” influencers.

Plain and simple: you can’t settle if you want to build your audience and business.

That means taking massive action.

That means enrolling in some training courses, hiring a coach and getting your guest posts featured on top blogs.

It also means attracting more customers to your business in a scalable way.

But what do you do when you don’t have a big budget to spend on ads?

How do you get people to like you, view you as an expert and want to buy from you?

Hint hint: guest blogging.

The proof is in the puddin’…

  • With guest blogging, Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted has attracted new clients and projects, been interviewed for top podcasts, booked paid speaking gigs and been offered opportunities to contribute to Entrepreneur and Social Media Examiner.
  • Even better, Ryan Stewart, the Founder of, a top Miami SEO agency, says he’s landed 90% of his clients from guest posts and his largest client came from a guest post he wrote last year for Ahrefs’ blog.

Those are just recent two cases of many others like Danny Iny, Jon Morrow, Henneke Duistermaat, Laura Roeder, Nathalie Lussier and the list goes on…

Quick question for you.

Have you ever read one of those annual review posts where a blogger talks about how much money they made, how many vacations they took and how many high profile conferences they spoke at or influencers they hung out with last year?

Revenue Chart From Nathan Barry’s 2014 Annual Review

Yeah, I know… it used to drive me crazy too. Trust me, I get it.

Until I realized, I could get there too.


See, it’s not good enough to just write the same ole boring guest posts for any blog out there.

Picture it as if you’re starting to plan a vacation as your business knocked it out of the park this year.

You have two options: go big or stay home.

So which vacation do you think you or your spouse will remember for years to come?

1. The Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

2. South Africa

Elephant And Safari Truck

Don’t get me wrong though, I still like going down to the shore.

It’s just not nearly as memorable as a safari in South Africa…


Same applies to blogging.

But here’s the thing: If your guest blogging and blogger outreach strategies are an exact match of all the other peoples’ strategies out there, your results will be terrible.

Think outside the box and learn how to connect with your target blog’s readers on a psychological and emotional level.

It’s not just important for guest blogging though, it’s key to writing knockout posts for your own blog too.

Same reason why CoSchedule’s headline analyzer tool doesn’t like neutral sentiment headlines…

Guest Blogging Tips Example

This doesn’t apply every time, though.

If you can write a captivating introduction like Jon Morrow did for Copyblogger, then your post may still have “viral potential”:


Long story short, it’s time to put an end to listening to what everyone else tells you to do and just focus on what works.

What “avant-garde” tactics should you try?

Want more customers, relationships with influencers, paid speaking opportunities and a successful product launch?

Start off by doing these five things well:

  1. Build your brand, audience, relationships and customer base by writing guest posts for top blogs
  2. Grow an email list
  3. Connect with your audience by engaging with them regularly (so they’re primed when you ask them to buy something)
  4. Experiment and test new marketing strategies to find what works best (e.g., try the guest blogging tips in this article)
  5. Figure out what your audience wants and make it for them

#4 is vital because you could do all the other things but won’t do any of them well if you don’t identify what works best right now. You could end up wasting a lot of time on outdated strategies that don’t work today instead of on the stuff that works well.

Apple Inc. Cash Cow

Remember: Apple isn’t Apple because it charted the same path as all the other tech companies out there. They kept testing new ideas until a few happen to stick. Today, those few sticky ideas make Apple a cash cow.

So what are the best guest blogging tips right now?

In the last 3 years, I’ve tried and tested numerous growth hacks for software companies, blogs and dozens of other small businesses.

Some of these strategies worked at one point or another, like leaving forum comments to drive traffic back to your site (good luck trying to avoid getting banned).

The only viable way to figure out what’s working and what isn’t is to paddle through the sea of posts and videos floating around on guest blogging and test each strategy.

There are endless guest blogging tips out there, and that could take you 2 to 3 years.

I’ve been reviewing all these posts and Skyping with other bloggers to figure out what’s working right now to get the most bang for your buck from guest blogging.

What I discovered was fascinating…

You should pay attention to 3 guest blogging tactics that are kickin’ butt right now. I summarize each approach and explain how you can use it.

I got my pal Iker (h/t to Bryan Harris) to package it up into a killer eBook.

Click this link to grab your FREE eBook.

(Click the pic above to grab a copy of the eBook.)

Now it’s your turn.

What guest blogging tips do you know about that can help others get more traffic and know, like and trust with their audience?

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Cody Lister is the Founder of MarketDoc. He gives businesses of all sizes the tools and advice they need to leave a bold mark on the web.


  1. Guest blogging is a great option to increase your visibility and assures better reach to the targeted audience. Here are some guest blogging tips that enhance your blogging skills,
    1. Create a long lasting relationship –get to know the blog owners before writing a guest post for them. This is a door to write more multiple guest posts.

    2. Get the right exposure – Select the guest post according to the audience, create links that get back the viewers to your website and build a strong credibility by publishing in the right place.

  2. Interesting. I have a slightly different take on some of the techniques you mentioned but then again, I’ve been out of touch for a few years and am now re-learning the ropes. A lot have changed, for sure.

    I agree with your general sentiment though. Creating your own quality content on your own blogs should be what you spend most of your time on. Which is why I refuse to download everyone’s ebooks 😉

    I do still leave comments though! I simply like the interaction.

    1. Hey Anne, Thanks for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed the post.

      I leave comments all the time. I meant that more for people who spend all their time commenting instead of writing new content.



  3. Terrence Blair

    It seems the best tactic is to publish some of your best articles on blogs where your ideal prospects are at. I’ve just started guest blogging myself. And my first guest post will be published on MarketingProfs.

    1. Hi Terrence, I agree with you 100%. BTW, thanks for stopping by and for the share on Twitter. Send me your guest post once it’s published on MarketingProfs. Very exciting what you have going on and I look forward to reading your posts. Let me know if I can be of help in any way.

  4. The best blogging tactic I’ve seen is Expanded Guest Post by Bryan Harris (it can be used on your own blog, too).

    There are 3 parts to it. First, you gotta go really deep in your post by using the phrase “for example” and giving multiple examples for your points. That’s one of the ways to go above and beyond what everyone else on the Internet is doing.

    Second (my favorite), you gotta build in expectation and climax into the post, so that the piece feels like a TV show pilot, i.e. you need to hook the reader where they have no choice but to watch the next episode. You do that by spreading out the hooks for the content upgrade throughout the post, including the introduction. The following phrase is now my best friend: “I’ve put together a bonus resource at the end of this post that explains XYZ, so be sure to real all the way through.” There are more ways to build in expectation, like mentioning you know 5 killer strategies for X, and only discussing 3, etc.

    Third, provide a content upgrade and introduce it with style. I named it the “boom-boom-boom” content upgrade delivery. First, you wrap up the post and transition to the content upgrade. Second, you introduce the content upgrade (not in one sentence, but in a juicy paragraph with bullet points, so that the reader starts salivating for it). Third, you drop the link to download the bonus.

    I’ve read about this tactic recently on Videofruit blog and started implementing it right away – one guest post just published, one submitted, and many more on the way – can’t wait to see the results.

  5. Cody,

    Thank you for the informative post and all of the goodies attached! I really like the strategies you’ve outlined here and look forward to trying a few myself.

    The best blogging tactics that I’ve seen that work to convert are probably a combination of the following; video interviews, webinars, and using CTA’s with images as opposed to text only OR content upgrade CTA’s in a brightly colored (preferably yellow) box. Really engaging the reader with personal stories, and have guest contributors to your post (especially roundup posts) have been the best tactics that I’ve seen for getting your content shared.

    Good luck, and thanks again!



    1. Hey Andrea,

      Thanks for your great comment. Glad you liked the strategies I outlined.

      CTAs with images for bottom of post opt-ins has been working well these days. I know my friend Will Blunt used it in his guest post recently on Kevin Duncan’s Be A Better Blogger.


  6. Icy Sedgwick

    So many people are giving away e-books or downloadable checklists just to get you onto their mailing list, I feel like I’m drowning under the weight of all this information! So for me, the best tactic has been webinars. I get the info I need in an hour of my time, I can make notes on what *I* find valuable, and choose my level of engagement with the expert. I have enrolled on courses on the back of good webinars, so it obviously works!

    1. Hey Icy, I agree with you, even I’m guilty of this one! Mariah Coz is big on webinars. I enjoyed her course about it. I still think guest blogging is the best way to build a foundation though (for backlinks, customers and email subscribers, if you do it the right way) and if you combine it with webinars and content upgrades you have a powerful list building machine! I’ve enrolled in plenty of courses and always manage to find something valuable in each one. 🙂

    2. Icy Sedgwick

      I write fiction so I’ve been a bit stuck on how to do all of this, but I’ve got a strategy for how I can put it into place!

    3. Hey Icy,

      I’m curious what your strategy is. Let me know. I’d love to hear about it.


    4. Icy Sedgwick

      There are lots of resources for how to publish, but surprisingly few on getting beginners into creative writing, asides from books that were written when the goal was still landing an agent. I want to give back to the community to get those beginners up the learning curve with less frustration, so I’m planning a series of ‘quick tip’ Youtube videos. Eventually I’ll put together a course!

  7. Michael Pozdnev

    Thank you for the eBook! My best tactics is building of relationships with other bloggers + BFF commenter technique (getting your target audience through commenters). I plan to devote more time and effort to creating guest posts.

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for stopping by! I agree that building relationships with other bloggers is fundamental to being a successful blogger. That’s why I think guest blogging is so valuable because it can help open doors with high profile bloggers, especially those who started their careers by guest blogging. 🙂 Talk soon!

  8. Richard Deimel

    I think best guest blogging tactic is to create interest for more content and to use a freebe like a giveaway, Ebook, discount, …

    1. Hi Richard,

      Freebies are great for guest blogging but the way you structure your freebie and ensure it relates to wants, desires and aspirations of your target blog’s readers is critical to getting lots of email subscribers. More content isn’t always better though. How you use your content and who you serve it to is key.

      Thanks for your comment!


  9. Valerie Schwinn

    Love the ideas shared here. Got my Ebook. As for building traffic, I love Pinterest right now, it fits with a portion of my audience and has driven traffic to my website: Also – publishing something certainly has its benefits.

    1. Hey Valerie,

      Really glad you got the eBook. Hope you found the ideas helpful. We talk about them in much more detail in the upcoming course.

      Pinterest is great, and I just started running Pinterest Ads today! I need to setup Tailwind with my Pinterest account. Publishing content regularly definitely has its benefits! I agree with you.

      Guest blogging is great for getting customers and social proof and building relationships with influencers which can be pretty valuable for getting a blog to the next level of traction.


  10. Following Pat Flynn and amy Porterfield’s advice, I’ve created a 10 pages ebook, and turned 30% of it into an epic blogpost, with an optin to get the pdf. My best converting page by far:

    1. Hey Eyal,

      Very cool. Interesting topic too! Definitely one that people have questions about. Keep doin’ your thang!


  11. Katie

    Best blogging tactic I’ve noticed recently is having blog posts where only half the post is visible – to see the rest of the post you have to login – great way to get hold of email addresses and then keep bringing readers back to the blog!

    1. Hey Katie,

      This sounds like a cool idea. My question is how do you do this? Do you have a WP blog? If so, is there a plugin?



    2. Hey Katie,

      Ahhh… the membership site tactic. I saw that tactic used on

      Great idea!


  12. The best tactic I noticed that converts is providing content upgrades. I noticed Noah Kagan does it and so does Bryan Harris. So I started to do that on my blog at And guess what? I’m converting more readers. Boom goes the dynamite!

    You can’t just provide any kind of upgrade though. It has to be targeted and specific to what the reader is reading about. For example, I wouldn’t promote my ebook about habit mistakes on my post about mindfulness.

    1. Hey Hien,

      Yup, I use content upgrades all the time. I’m converting thousands of visitors into fans with the content upgrade.

      I agree with you 100% that the post should be relevant to the eBook topic.



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