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How to Promote Your Blog to Attract 1,300 Social Shares & 2,752% More Referral Traffic

How I Got 1,300 Social Shares & 2,752% More Blog Visitors (in 1 Week)

Everyone tells you, you need to build your list.

Bloggers have echoed this suggestion ad nauseam.

How do you build a list? (hint: you need to promote your blog)

Blog, buy traffic, guest post, find product affiliates or sell a tripwire offer through Warrior Forums.

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How to do Affiliate Marketing Case Study: 18,503 Email Subscribers in 2 Weeks Flat

Are you thinking of starting an affiliate program? Learn what I did to start mine and what common mistakes to avoid along the way.


It’s the one thing you need to grow a successful business.

It’s the one thing you need to stay in business.

It’s the one thing you need to put food on the table as an entrepreneur.

But how do you get more sales?

The easy answer: GET MORE LEADS.

The fastest way to grow your business is by reeling in as many new leads as possible and converting them into customers.

So what’s the best way to attract sales for your business?

It’s a question I always get asked.

Well, I have an answer for you: affiliates.

4 Simple Earned Media Tactics To Grow Your Audience

Are you trying to build your email list? This article covers what's working right now so you don't waste time on outdated strategies.

Do you want to know how all the great marketers reach so many people? (hint hint: earned media)

Is it because they have better content than you?

Is it because they have better pictures and spend more money on marketing?

You could sit behind your computer all day pulling your hair out and wondering what secret talent they have that you don’t.

But it’s not about the individual.

It’s not about their writing talents or their budget.

Their secret weapon is their audience.

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How to Create a Media Kit for Your Blog (+ Free Media Kit Template)

Free Media Kit Template

I’ve been asked a few times to do a post on creating media kits (and if I had a good media kit template).

Trust me, I understand why bloggers and online entrepreneurs are looking to create a media kit for their blog.

After all, blogging has become fiercely competitive. Getting blog sponsorships today isn’t easy.

With over 2 million blog posts going live every single day, you can’t but look for a more viable way to grow your blog’s audience, attract potential clients, and improve your brand.

Most importantly, if your blog isn’t generating income, the energy to keep on may die down before you know it.

And sooner or later, you’ll quit.

Steal my 3 guest blogging tips to reach the best customers


Nod your head if you’re unhappy with the growth of your business (or blog)?

<I see you>

Know why?

Why do others have it all figured out: relationships with influencers, an engaged audience, paid speaking gigs, and guest posts featured on top blogs while you’re just stumbling along? (if this isn’t you, just stick with me here)

You need to stop doing these things right now:

  • commenting on blogs or forums to get traffic
  • reading other people’s posts instead of writing your own
  • writing guest posts every so often (or never)
  • sounding dull and “corporatey” in your blog posts
  • begging other people to share your content
  • wasting time on social media (go automate it with MeetEdgar)
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