Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Out of all of the industries that the Internet has undoubtedly changed forever, perhaps none have been affected as immediately and as significantly as marketing. There was an era not too long ago where the most effective way to spread awareness of your brand and to get your marketing message in front of the eyes of as many people as possible was as simple as purchasing ad space on some of the most popular shows on television. Many industries still operate on the hope that these days will return, as evidenced by the countless organizations that spend incredible amounts of money on 30 second spots during events like the Super Bowl.

Those days are long gone, however, and not just because there is no single show that is watched by hundreds of millions of people at the same time. Audiences have become increasingly fragmented, which has presented significant challenges for a number of different industries – especially plastic surgery. Marketing and advertising in general are no longer about going after the largest possible audience. Doing so incredibly cost inefficient on the best of days and essentially impossible on the worst.

In order to survive, companies have had to forgo going after the largest set of eyes and instead focus on the right set of eyes. If a business has the opportunity to go after 100 customers who are firmly entrenched in their target audience versus 1000 customers who may or may not be interested in that particular brand, the choice is clear: they should be going after those 100 core customers every time. But how are plastic surgery companies supposed to know where their money is best spent? How do they know the types of questions that their target customers are asking, and the problems that they need solutions to that only these cosmetic surgery companies can provide?

Enter: the World Wide Web.

Internet based cosmetic surgery marketing hasn’t just flipped an entire industry upside down, but it’s completely changed the tools that businesses have to connect with their core audience in an intimate and meaningful way. The Internet has made it easier for even the smallest companies to have a voice that is equal or even more powerful than the largest corporations. It’s completely leveled the playing field from an advertising perspective. A small business can now gain a much more powerful foothold on an industry against corporations that have millions upon millions of dollars to spend, provided that they’re using the best strategies in the right ways and that they’re properly utilizing all of the tools that they have at their disposal.
More than that, Internet marketing for plastic surgeons has given businesses new and innovative ways to market to new prospective patients on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing for plastic surgeons brings with it a wide range of different benefits that can’t be ignored. Perhaps the biggest benefit for plastic surgeons in particular is one of reach. The world may be a big place, but the World Wide Web has really only made it smaller. Suddenly, your reach is not dependent on whether you’re a small, boutique plastic surgery firm or a large and firmly established business – everyone has access to millions of users at the same time thanks to the power of the Internet.

Another major benefit of Internet marketing for plastic surgeons has to do with the fact that the advertising train essentially never stops – it keeps rolling 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you were relying on a traditional television marketing strategy, for example, you would have to figure out which hours of the day and on which programs your ad would have the highest level of impact. With the Internet, time is completely irrelevant. Any time one of your target patients has a computer or tablet open, they have the potential to come into contact with your brand in a meaningful way.

Thanks to an increase in prominence in small and portable devices like smartphones and tablets, you don’t even have to wait for them to get home from work in order to advertise to them. Customers are constantly connected by way of their favorite websites, search engines, social media and more – all on a device that is small enough to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. This creates a legion of prospective patients that are just waiting to hear about your brand at all hours of the day. This is the type of opportunity that even the most successful forms of traditional offline marketing cannot provide.

One of the key benefits of plastic surgery Internet marketing also comes in the form of just how cost effective it really is. When you’re marketing through traditional channels, there is a huge up front investment that you can’t ignore. If you’re creating a TV spot, you need to hire a crew and actors to actually film that spot. When you’re creating a print advertisement, you need a firm to build it from the ground up. All of these resources represent a huge ad spend that takes place BEFORE your prospective patients ever have a chance to see the content in the first place.

You’re also locked into decisions that you’ve made for the foreseeable future. With a print ad, it will take time to learn whether or not your strategy was effective, by which point it may cost more money to pull the ad and switch to something else than it will be to just let it ride. With the Internet, you have none of these concerns. Many cosmetic surgery marketing strategies provide very little in the way of capital to get up and running. If you find out that something is not working or isn’t having the penetration level that you’d intended, you can try something else immediately.

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Strategies

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When it comes to how plastic surgeons and other medical professionals are actually making use of these Internet marketing resources, things are typically boiled down into one of a few core strategies. Perhaps the most popular of these is as old as the Internet itself: setting up an official website for a practice that is then updated on a regular basis with news about the business, events, contact information, helpful blog posts and more.

One of the major benefits about running a website is that it allows a business to control the first impression that prospective customers have when they come into contact with a brand. Based on the type of content that you’re providing, you can quickly and easily establish your organization as an industry leading, professional business through the careful use of elements like graphics, text content, informational pieces about different types of promotions and more. The website for a plastic surgeon can be less a virtual billboard and more of a virtual resource – all important information regarding who you are, what you do and why you do it is readily available at all times. It’s a business card that prospective patients can find at any time of day.

The issue with relying on just this strategy is that it does little to extend your reach beyond people who are already looking for your organization. The visibility of a website is still heavily dependent on search engine traffic, meaning that unless a prospective patient is given a link to a plastic surgeon’s website from a friend or family member, they have to be actively looking for these types of businesses in order to stumble across it.

A related type of plastic surgery Internet marketing strategy is called SEO, or “search engine optimization.” At its core, the concept is simple: you can increase your site’s visibility on search engines like Google through the careful use of keywords that are relevant to your business. If “plastic surgery Connecticut” is present on your website 50 times, your site will likely rank highly when people go to Google and search for the terms “plastic surgery Connecticut.”

The issue with this method is that search engines are highly volatile and are constantly evolving. Google makes regular changes to its algorithm that shift the order that pages are returned in search results all the time. You could be the number one result for your keywords on Monday and be on the bottom of page two by Friday. The farther you move down the first page of search results on an engine like Google, the less likely your page is to be viewed. If you appear on page two or beyond, your website may as well not even be on the Internet.

Additionally, the proverbial waters of search engine optimization are rough and murky on the best of days. Google does not publicize exactly how its algorithms generate page rankings, which means that you are essentially locking yourself into a permanent guessing game. If Google suddenly decides that keywords no longer matter at all, which they are entirely in their right to do, suddenly your previous SEO efforts aren’t just invalid – they literally begin to hurt the visibility of your site. This is something that many plastic surgeons and businesses of all types went through with Google’s massive “Panda” algorithm update a few years ago.

Another common cosmetic surgery marketing strategy is one that has become increasingly popular in a variety of industries in the last few years: social media. Not only do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give you unfettered access to hundreds of millions of people all at once, but by their very nature they’re designed to allow users to share information with one another. It truly is amazing just how quickly the right piece of content can spread on a site like Twitter, which is the type of marketing advantage that can turn a business into a sensation overnight.

The issue with a heavy reliance on social media marketing for plastic surgeons, however, has to do with the fact that each social media channel is a very different beast from the next. The same piece of content may garner 100,000 “Likes” on Facebook in an hour and one retweet on Twitter, even though it’s literally the same thing. This is because the user bases of each site are completely different. People on Facebook like longer form posts, while Twitter users are looking for short bursts of information. Reformatting and adjusting content to be optimized for one platform over the other can become incredibly time consuming.

Even when you do “get it right,” there is still no guarantee that your content is going to take off at all depending on what else is going on that day. A late breaking, national news story could steal the thunder of your content and cause you to waste a perfectly good video or blog post as a result.

Another popular marketing strategy used by plastic surgeons has to do with Google’s AdWords, which is a keyword based advertising service that allows businesses to take better control over where their ads are appearing on the Internet. Both Web pages from Google and authorized partners select advertising copy based in part on the usage habits of the person doing the searching. If Google knows both that a particular user lives in your area and that they’ve previously searched for plastic surgery related terms, it can then automatically place ad copy on certain websites that they visit as a result.

The major pitfall with using AdWords on its own, however, has to do with how difficult it can be to really tell whether or not a campaign is effective or reaching its maximum potential. Your plastic surgery business is paying for every click, regardless of whether or not that click turns into an actual conversion. If someone accidentally clicks on your ad and never had any intention of turning into a new patient, they just cost you serious money that you saw absolutely no return from.

Pay Per Click Agencies

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If you’re already a full time plastic surgeon, you can’t be expected to also take control over your business’ marketing on your own. As you can see, Internet marketing ushers in a bold new era of benefits that are just waiting to be taken advantage of – provided that you have the time to implement these strategies in the right way. By partnering with the right Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency, you’re hiring an organization that can completely change not only your expectations, but the results that you’re seeing from your AdWords and similar types of campaigns.

A Pay Per Click Agency gives you the benefit of not only knowledge, but experience. You’re partnering with a team of dedicated and trained professionals who know how to implement precisely the type of conversion tracking that will benefit the specific business that you’re trying to run.

Lead form tracking, for example, can be embedded right on your website or Facebook page and can be used to generate leads that are then imported directly into the customer relationship management software that you’re using. Dynamic keyword level call tracking can help provide you with the type of real time, actionable information that you can use to determine where your plastic surgery prospective customers are coming from, what keywords they used to find you and what the first page on your site that they landed on actually was. This allows you to experience a much deeper level of the customer sales journey than ever before by showing you how they got to your page, how long they stayed and what they did while they were there.

Pay Per Click Agencies also understand not only the components of a high performance PPC campaign, but can custom design a campaign to fit the needs of your specific plastic surgery organization. It’s always important to remember that no two businesses operate in quite the same way, even if they are technically a part of the same industry. If you look at your closest competitor, you’re probably looking at a very different group of people with a very different approach to the world of plastic surgery. The PPC campaign that works wonders for that practice may not let you achieve the results that you’re after. As a result, a customized campaign designed not just for plastic surgery practices but for YOUR plastic surgery practice is of paramount importance.

Pay Per Click Agencies can take this knowledge of high performance campaigns and can leverage the power of AdWords and Bing Ads to your advantage. This in turn allows you to achieve superior conversion rates at a lower cost per conversion, meaning that you’ll be spending a dramatically smaller amount of money every time you take a prospective customer and turn them into an actual one.

More than that, by partnering with the right Pay Per Click Agency, you get the added benefit of eliminating the type of wasted ad spend that many other agencies simply don’t pay attention to and that you, as a full time plastic surgeon, can’t be expected to monitor well. These agencies know how to both manage and update the bid process to help make sure that you’re getting the most out of every dollar you spend. More than that, they know how to optimize the way that your campaign is being targeted so that you aren’t wasting money on clicks that were never destined to wind up as conversions in the first place.

Remember that the mantra in the digital age of marketing is “it isn’t about spending all the money, it’s about spending the right money.” By finding the right Pay Per Click Agency that is the best fit for your plastic surgery practice, these are the types of benefits that you’ll begin to see. A Pay Per Click Agency will only have one goal in mind: to do whatever it takes to make your campaign a success. As a result, they become the absolute best way to take the benefits that are inherent in plastic surgery Internet marketing and use them to help you grow into the type of practice that you’ve worked so hard to build.

We happily provide client references upon request from our medical practice clients (even the surgeons & owners vouch for us and couldn’t be happier with our services) so you can get a sense of the pay per click results we have achieved for other medium and large sized medical practices. We’re confident that the value you will realize from our PPC management will far surpass your expectations, saving you thousands of dollars per month in ad spend and increasing your new patient leads 4-fold or greater. Please note that we only take on one client per sub-industry in each local market, we never manage AdWords accounts for multiple competitors advertising in the same region.

For more information about our data-driven pay per click management services, please contact us and we can give you a free review of your existing Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns and discuss other ideas for how to improve your existing campaigns, ad groups, keywords and targeting settings. We also manage Facebook and Twitter Ads for larger medical practices.