The Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide



You’ve built a business.

Maybe you’ve even given birth to an awesome idea.

The only thing stopping you from becoming the next digital superstar is online visibility.

Nobody knows you, your business, or your products.

And you need to change that. Fast.

The Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide (Plus: 250+ Guest Blogging Sites)

Enter guest blogging.

Where you can borrow someone else’s popularity and make a name for yourself.

You might not receive hundreds and thousands of hits every single day, but the big guns do.

The popular websites get a lot of hungry traffic who’s eager to devour great content.

Exclusive Blog Post Bonus: Download an enormous database of the top performing guest posts and contacts for over 250 guest blogging sites that accept guest post submissions.

By writing epic content on these popular websites, you can make your mark in the digital industry in the least possible time.

Several popular folks in the industry used guest posting to build their digital empires. They literally went from zero to hero by partaking in a guest posting tornado.

Let’s discuss some of them, shall we.

Jon Morrow:  0 – 13,000 email subscribers

Jon Morrow of Boost Blog Traffic had no traffic and no email subscribers when he first started Boost Blog Traffic.

He started guest blogging to build his audience. He amassed 13,000 email subscribers by guest posting on these websites and directing traffic to his landing page with a compelling opt-in. He did not post articles on his own blog until he had a sizable audience who would appreciate his articles.

Danny Iny: 0 to 23,000 monthly pageviews

Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing (now Mirasee) wrote 80 value-packed guest posts, released them simultaneously, created a crazy guest posting whirlwind effect, and became known as the Freddy Krueger of guest posting.

He used to write over 10 posts each week. He graced the digital world with his articles and increased Firepole’s pageviews from 0 to 23,000.

Leo Widrich: 100,000 users within 9 months

The owner of buffer put his entire content marketing effort on guest posting. He started by writing a guest post each week, and then progressed to twice a week, until he started writing 2 to 3 posts every single day.

In the space of 9 months, he wrote 150 guest posts and took his business to skyrocketing heights with 100,000 visitors.

These leaders showed that it’s not necessary to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, or spend a gazillion hours promoting your business. Strategically placed guest posts on popular websites can catapult your online visibility.

And you can reach the same dizzying heights of success these uber-successful people did. All you need is an effective guest posting strategy in place, basic writing skills, and a whole lotta perseverance.

So let’s discuss how you can do that, shall we?

Step 1: Determine Your Aim

The first thing you need to do is figure out why you want to guest post. You need to have a goal for it and a proper strategy in place. Without these two essential things, you will never be able to maximize the benefits of guest posting.

Guest blogging is for you if,

  • You have a product and want to sell it. Think mobile apps, a new platform, a digital tool, offline products, or even an eBook.
  • Your website is new and you want to send some link juice its way to get in Google’s good graces.
  • You’re new in the industry and want to make a name for yourself. More online visibility, more credibility, more lucrative projects.

‘Guest posting is the single most effective way to increase the reach of your blog.’ – Jeff Goins

  • You want email subscribers. Fast.

‘When you take the time to learn the art of effective guest blogging – not just “good writing” – getting more than 100 new subscribers per guest post is totally realistic.’ – Jon Morrow

  • You want to build relationships with influencers.

Boost Blog Traffic sums up the advantages of guest blogging in an apt manner. While here they just discuss the advantages people guest posting at BBT will have, most A-list blogs offer these benefits.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

According to Neil Patel, using the S.M.A.R.T goals strategy allows you to set tangible, measurable goals that you can reach in the best way possible. 


Therefore, decide on a goal because that will determine the websites you send guest posts to along with the topics you write about.

Step 2: Search For Guest Blogging Sites In Your Niche That Accept Posts From Outside Contributors

Now that you’ve decided on a specific goal, you need to find guest blogging sites you can land a guest post on. Most of us are well aware of the popular websites in our niche and let’s face we all would LOVE to see our name on their contributor list.

But it’s easier to start guest posting from small to medium blogs and eventually find your way to the top guest blogging sites.

However, when you’re making a list of websites you can send guest posts to, include them all – the smaller ones, the medium blogs and the really popular ones like and Forbes, etc.

In order to search for the best-suited website you need to do three things:

1. Figure out who your target audience is.

2. Find the websites where they hang out and determine if those websites accept guest posts.

Download this list of guest blogging sites that accept contributions to make the process easier

3. Filter out the lower priority websites from the list so you have a curated list of websites you can pitch a guest post idea to.

Steps for understanding the personal traits of your target audience:

  • Write down all the problems you are going to solve with your product, website or service.
  • Make a list of your ideal audience’s characteristics.
  • Make note of tangible things – if you’re targeting local folks, women only, senior citizens, etc.
  • Write down your niche.

Guest Posting

Fill up this audience persona with all the information you’ve gathered.

This research will help you weed out websites that are not going to benefit you.

Time for Website Research

Now that you have basic information at hand, you can start with the next step – figuring out which websites accept guest posts.

Note: Copy all the websites you find in an excel sheet.


A great way to find out the most popular websites in your niche is by searching for posts that garnered maximum amount of social popularity – shares, likes, retweets.

BuzzSumo is a great tool that helps you find out which posts did best in your niche – there are three ways you can use BuzzSumo to discover websites that accept guest posts.

Search restricted to guest posts

Step #1: Go to BuzzSumo and type in your niche as a keyword phrase with quotation marks around it, such as “guest blogging guide” or “guest blogging sites”.

Step #2: Check guest posts in the ‘Content Type’ section.

Step #3: A list of popular posts will pop up. Go to those posts and write down their website.


General search

Step #4: Uncheck guest posts from the filter. And repeat the same steps. This will show you a list of posts that were heavily shared on social media, not restricted to just guest posts.

Buzzsumo 1

Step #5: Click the ‘Export’ button to the right of the search query box and download the posts as an Excel or .csv file.

Influencer search

Step #6: Go to the ‘Influencers’ tab, and write down your niche and related keywords.


Step #7: A list of influencers\popular websites will pop up. Go to their websites and see if they accept guest posts.

Step #8: Then add these websites to your list.

Ask in groups

Facebook groups are an excellent way to find out where your target audience hangs out.

Step #1: Join groups in your niche.

Step #2: Search for terms like ‘guest posts’, ‘guest blogs’, ‘guest bloggers’, etc. in those groups.

Step #3: Ask pointed questions.

Ask members their favorite websites and ones that provide them with maximum value.

You can even ask members if they have a blog and are accepting guest posts.


Another platform that’s making waves in the digital world is Alltop.

Alltop is a platform that aggregates all the breaking news from blogs and websites. It shows you what topics are popular in the leading blogs and websites of your niche. The sheer amount of value it provides is amazing.

Plus, it’s super easy to use.

Step #1 (a): If you don’t have any particular keyword in mind, then you can simply browse through the main page. It shows you the hottest topics on the net.



Step #1 (b): If you have a list of keywords ready, enter them one by one in the search bar.

Step #2: Once you type in your preferred keyword, a list of words related to your keyword will pop up. You can choose one of the words from the list.


Step #3: Aaand, you’re done. Once you choose a word from the list, the results will pop up.

Step #4: Write down the websites that come up in results in the excel sheet.

Google search

There are two main ways you can use the mighty Google to find websites in your niche that accept guest posts.

Google search for keywords

Search for the following terms,


Brian Dean lists a number of search terms you can use to find guest blogging opportunities.

So, for example if your niche is freelance writing, search for {freelance writing + “guest post”}.

These results popped up with just this first search term.

Three links in the search results are guest blogging guidelines for writing websites.

Pretty cool, eh?


Search for aggregated lists

Why slave over finding every last guest blogging site, when writers before you have already aggregated a list of websites that accept guest blogs.

Search for `lists of websites that accept guest posts’.


Competitor Contribute Banners

Remember the influencers you found through BuzzSumo. Add them to a list of influencers you already follow and put this list to good use.

Now go to their websites and look for banner that say, ‘As Seen In’, ‘Featured In’, ‘Contributed to’, etc.


If you don’t find any such banner, look for a simple banner that has a list of website symbols posted on it.


Weed out unnecessary websites

Now that you have a list of websites that accept guest posts, you need to narrow down this list. Eliminate websites on this lists if,

  • They’re not presently accepting guest posts.

For example, ProBlogger has mentioned it on their website that they’re not accepting unsolicited guest posts. But, they do sometimes publish guest posts if you send them a good enough pitch.

So, ask around if a website you really want to contribute to is accepting guest posts or not before eliminating them from your list. You can send a simple email to the editors and inquire about it.

I know bloggers who sent a pitch to ProBlogger despite their not-accepting-guest-posts note and were published.

  • The website sees and hears crickets.

There could be several reasons for this.

  1. The site could be relatively new with just a handful of posts,
  2. Have a horrible design which repels users,
  3. Covers a wide range of topics with little to no traffic,


So, visit all the sites on your list and see if they’re getting any action. If they’re publishing posts on a regular basis, they’re getting comments, shares, etc. If there’s nothing, eliminate this website.

A website that doesn’t attract traffic and has little to no engagement in the comment box, is not a website that will boost your brand.

  • Your target audience does not visit this website.

Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, are all great A-list websites that accept guest blogs.

But, would I find digital marketers hanging around there? Nope.

So while a website may check every box, if it doesn’t cater to your target audience you’re just wasting your time posting for that website.

Step 3: Come Up With an Awesome Idea

You’ve narrowed down the list of websites that will help you become the next online superstar, but your work still isn’t done.

The actual backbreaking work has just begun.

In order to get your post published on these websites you need to present them with a solid post idea. One that matches their voice and style, and provides value to readers.

One that makes them whoop in joy.

Rehashing topics done to death will not help you, nor will generic ones.

Don’t just come up with 5 post ideas and blast them off to every website you come across.

You must think of an original idea that’s tailored to perfection for that particular website and hasn’t been discussed before on that site.

Analyze popular posts to generate ideas

Use BuzzSumo or a similar tool to search by URL for the most shared posts for each of your target blogs or guest blogging sites.

Find Guest Blogging Sites

Write down or add to Google Sheets the top 3 to 5 blog posts for each blog.

If you subscribe to BuzzSumo Pro, you can use their Content Analysis tool to see at a glance the top 10 best performing topics for each target blog and the average shares by content type.

BuzzSumo can save you an immense amount of time trying to figure out what the most popular posts and headlines are for your target blogs.

You can sum up how many shares on average each type of blog post receives based on the words included in the content and headlines.

We’ve already established how important BuzzSumo is for finding out websites that accept blog posts, now you can go a bit further.

Use BuzzSumo to find out which posts did exceptionally well in the social sphere.

In the search bar, enter the website name and go through the results.

Choose ones that received a high amount of social shares and comments.


Keep in mind that your goal as a guest blogger is to blend in with the surroundings of your target blog just like a chameleon.

Go through the website you want to post on with a fine comb tooth to find out which posts did well, and how you can come up with an idea that would do great there.

Find out posts that did extremely well on those websites.

Popular posts tab

Most blogs and websites have a special tab dedicated to some of their highly popular posts.


Now that you have 50 or so tabs (links of popular posts) open on your Google Chrome, start going through them.

Here’s how you can turn this information into blog post ideas.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Can you offer another angle on it?

You can offer another angle by,

  • changing the audience (if it’s addressed to beginners, can you write a similar post for experts – take it a step further),
  • if it’s a list post, you can base an entire article around one of the points mentioned in that post,
  • turn a how-to post into a list based post – if a popular post is talking about ‘how to write better’ can you write an article on writing tools that can skyrocket productivity.

Is there an old post that you can write with updated information?

The online world rarely stays constant – it is continuously changing and by staying on top of the changes in your niche, you can craft gripping articles.  

Another way to use popular posts to generate blog post ideas is to go through the comments of these posts, and see what the readers are saying. Is there something that they want to know more about? If you have a solution for their problem, voila, and you can turn it into a value-packed post that’s awesome.

Glean from your experience

You can write about your own experience. You’ve had ups and downs in your journey, and you can use those experiences as a subject for a blog post. Instead of making it all about you, make it all about your readers. How readers can learn from your mistakes.

For example, instead of writing a post on 10 mistakes you made while guest posting on A-list websites, how about one that says, ’10 mistakes you should steer clear off while guest posting.’

If during your journey you learned valuable lessons, shortcuts, received raving success for a particular task you can revolve your post idea around that experience, as well.

Search news for new platforms, apps, or tools you can write a tutorial on

Keep a lookout for news in your niche. Is there a new platform gaining momentum? A new app getting a lot of applause from your target audience? Breaking news that has everyone perched on the edge of their chairs, biting their nails with what-will-happen-next thought revolving in their heads?

Yes? Great.

You can offer your own opinion on it (backed with solid facts, of course). For example, when Matt Cutts first announced that guest blogging was dead, the entire digital world gasped in horror simultaneously.

However, many smart writers took advantage of this news and offered their own opinions on it. This ensured that all those people perched on the fence with no idea what was going to happen, devoured these posts.


Promote your business sneakily

Since you’re guest posting for a particular reason, there are 3 things you can do to sneakily promote your product\service AND provide value to your readers.

No website is going to allow you to shamelessly promote your product, but if you wrap your product\service\brand in a nice cloak of value, chances are they’ll love it.

Leo Widrich, master of guest blogging and owner of Buffer, explains this quite succinctly.

Here’s how you can promote without resorting to slimy means.

Write a product review

Not a lot of website owners will allow that, and chances are that A-list websites will stay well clear of product reviews. Therefore, you can pitch a thorough, value-based product review to some of the blogs on the medium to smallish side.

For example, Leo Widrich wrote 60 product reviews for Buffer while guest posting.


Don’t just promote your product, but explain how it will ease the audience’s life. When they finish reading the review, they should be able to get some value from it. Providing value should be your number 1 priority.

Write on a topic that’s based around your offer.

This is a super-successful way of guest blogging on a tier 1 website, providing value to your readers AND establishing yourself a thought leader on that subject matter.

Boost Blog Traffic Guest Post Byline

Imran Esmail, owner of EscapeYourDeskJob, boosted his book sales by posting on Boost Blog Traffic on a topic that revolved around his book.


To further promote his book and skyrocket his sales.

Quora Domination Guest Post Guidelines

Do a product round up and include your offer in it.

Instead of directly promoting your product, you can do a product round-up of several products that would be beneficial for your readers and add in your own product in that list, too.

Step 4: Write a Compelling Pitch

According to Jess Ostroff, Managing Editor of Convince and Convert, they get up to 200 pitches every single week. The ones that stand out will automatically catch their attention, and generic ones are thrown in the dungeon, aka spam folder.

Here’s a summary of what these editors really want.  

Boost Blog Traffic Guest Post Guidelines

How to do it:

Step #1: Read their guest blogging guide thoroughly.

Note what they require. Not all publications and websites require a pitch email; some have forms that you can fill up. So find out which route the website owner wants you to take.

Step #2: Find out the editor’s name.

If you’re required to send the pitch through an email, it’s always better to write to an editor and send an email to a person instead of [email protected], or [email protected] Go through the About page, Contact Us page, and Guest Blogging guidelines page to find out who the editor is.

For example, Huffington Post has an entire page dedicated to their staff.

Masthead for The Huffington Post

Step #3: Send a great pitch.

Several elements transform a ‘meh’ pitch into an ‘OMG’ pitch.

Let’s discuss them all, shall we?

  • Headline

Headline or the subject of the email is extremely important. A generic one that says ‘guest post inquiry’ will get lost in a sea of guest posts inquiries if you’re writing to an A-list blog. Instead of a generic subject line, rouse editor’s curiosity by summarizing your post idea in one line.

According to Jess, these kind of headlines will likely get ignored by A-list editors,

‘Guest Post’ or ‘Guest Blogging Inquiry’

And chances are this one will catch the editor’s eye,

6 Ways to Find Blog Topics When You’re Stuck’

  • Main body of the email

Start the email with ‘Hello {name}’.

Establish a friendly rapport by commenting on their recent post and mentioning how it struck a chord with you. Show them that you’re a loyal reader and you greatly care about their website.

Next, write down 3 topics that you’d like to write on. Add in a little paragraph of what you’re going to cover in each.

Here’s an example of a perfect pitch that Ramit Sethi posted on his Guest Post Guidelines page.

Guest Blogging Guide from Ramit Sethi

Step #4: In their guidelines see if they state when they’re going to contact you.

If they say that pitch review takes them a week or 10 days, then wait for the allotted time to pass and send a follow up message if you didn’t hear back from them.

Even if they don’t state a specific time, wait for at least a week and then send a follow up message.

‘Worst Guest Post Pitch Ever’ award goes to…


Never, ever do THIS. Hubspot was the recipient of this email (if you can’t already guess from the ‘personalized greeting’).

Step 5: Write an Epic Guest Post

Once you get the green signal from the editor to go ahead with the post, give it everything you have.

How do you do that?

By acquainting yourself with the posts on that website

Analyzing those posts can help you understand the style, voice and type of article that would appeal to their audience.

  • First, copy 3 of their most popular posts into a Google Doc or Word file.
  • Then separately highlight in yellow their introduction, main body text and conclusion.

Now try to see the similarities between those 3 articles. How do they begin? With a story, fact, or description?

How have they formatted their main body? How many subheads have they used? How short are their sentences and paragraphs? Write down your answers.

Each website will have a different writing style and when you pitch to a particular website, you should try to mimic their writing style and formatting. If your post ends up sticking out like a sore thumb relative to the blog’s other guest posts, then you should revisit this exercise.

Boost Blog Traffic, Kissmetrics, Content Marketing Institute, Copyblogger all require in-depth articles that dig deep into their audience’s fears and frustrations and guide their readers’ hands to find the best solution.


Other websites prefer shorter posts, under 1000. The writing style for both these posts will be vastly different.

For example, Carol Tice, of Make a Living Writing, prefers shorter posts.


Go through the comments of these posts, and see what questions readers have. You can consider these comments when writing your own post, and ensure that you don’t miss out any essential point.

Then, make a detailed step by step list of the complete process that walks your audience through how to solve the problem you’re trying to help them solve, A to Z.

Example: How to Tie Your New Pair of Shoes

  1. Open the box in which your new shoes were packaged.
  2. Remove the shoes and laces from the box.
  3. Look inside the shoe and take out any packaging that would obstruct your feet from fitting inside the shoe.
  4. Sitdown on a chair, sofa or bench.
  5. Pick up 1 shoe and 1 shoe lace.
  6. Weave 1 shoe lace through the first hole on either side of the shoe.
  7. Continue weaving the shoe lace from the hole on one side of the shoe to the hole on adjacent side.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for the other shoe.
  9. Hold shoelaces of 1 shoe and tighten.
  10. Cross laces.
  11. Tie a standard shoelace knot.
  12. Pull laces taut to tighten but don’t pull too tightly as to make your feet uncomfortable.

Look at a few wikiHow articles to get a better sense of how to complete this exercise. If an anonymous person can’t easily replicate the process you’ve outlined, then you should repeat this process while focusing on clarity and comprehensiveness.

Now keep these notes with you when you’re writing the first draft.

Vital elements that can make or break a post.

  • Tackle the headline

Your post headline will decide if readers are going to give your post a glance or not. If it arouses their curiosity then they’re going to devour it, but if not then they’ll skip right through it.

You can check how strong your headline is by going to CoSchedule headline analyzer and putting in your headline. Any score above 60 is good enough, and above 75 is excellent. Keep iterating your headline until you get a high score. CoSchedule can also help you save time and efficiently manage your own blog’s editorial and content publishing process.

  • Assemble all the information required to write the post beforehand. This information includes links, statistics, any other form of research that may help you write the post.
  • Use your notes to format your article according to the website’s requirement.
  • Edit your work profusely. Hire an editor if you have to but don’t turn in sloppy work.

Step 6: Write a Killer Bio

Readers are already interested in knowing more about you because of the awesome post you wrote, so now is the time to nudge them in the right direction with a killer bio.

Here’s how you can craft a killer bio:

  • Keep it short. Brevity is your best friend in the world of writing. Limit yourself to 3 lines.
  • Answer the following question – who are you, what do you do and how can you help.
  • Write in 3rd person, unless specified otherwise.
  • Add in a dash of personal details, but don’t overdo it.
  • Remember it is never about you; it’s all about how you can help the readers.
  • Make sure that you add a CTA in your bio. Something that prompts them to click on your website or landing page.

This is how Barbara Baig nails her bio. Short, sweet, with a compelling CTA:


Step 7: Optimize Your Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

You’ve written a great article. It’s polished and gleaming. You even have a killer bio that pushes readers towards your landing page.


What if they land on your landing page, decide it’s bleh and click the [x] button. Everything you worked so hard for would go down the gutter. And you definitely don’t want that. You want to hook them in through an optimized landing page, lead them towards the CTA and convert them.

For this, you need to have a killer landing page. How do you create a killer landing page?

Two ways actually.

It depends if you’re using your website as your landing page or have created a specific landing page for this very purpose.

Have your website in order

If you have a website then you need to make sure that it has the power to attract visitors and hook them in. You need to provide positive user experience to the traffic you send its way, so that they turn into regular viewers and not just one-timers.

Have a simple landing page

Before you go into a full-blown panic attack and decide guest posting isn’t for you because you don’t have a proper website, don’t worry. Jon Morrow didn’t either. In fact, during his guest-blogging and traffic building days his website consisted of a landing page with an opt-in offer. That’s it.


Clean and simple with a compelling and relevant opt-in offer and a banner stating that a website is coming soon should do the trick.

And if you want something spectacular that would knock their socks off then a great example to get inspired by is Groove’s landing page for their CopyBlogger guest post. A high-converting landing page that helped Groove seal the deal and massively grow its email list.

To set up an effective landing page for your guest posts, use a high-converting pre made landing page template.

In my experience, LeadPages offers the highest converting landing pages for lead magnet offers, but you can also use landing pages from Unbounce, ClickFunnels, OptimizePress or ConvertKit (may require some knowledge of CSS).

Landing Page Ingredients

Your landing page should consist of elements such as:

– A headline that grabs your reader’s’ attention

– A photo or nicely designed image

– A detailed description or bulleted list of the key benefits of what your lead magnet offers your visitors

– A call to action button that asks your visitors to do something (like “Sign Up Now” or “Get Instant Access”)

– A form for your visitors to complete that allows them to express interest in your offer. The highest converting forms usually just ask for an email address, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a first name and email address.

– Social proof logos or images that assure your visitors that they’re not the only one interested in what you have to say. I consider this optional but valuable for improving your landing page conversion rate, assuming other blogs or press sites already feature you.

Don’t forget to link your landing page with your email service provider (ESP).

So that whenever people enter their email address, they will subscribe to your default email list.

Let’s further discuss at length some of the above elements.


Think back to the pain points (wants, desires, needs, aspirations or fears) your target blog’s readers face.

Is there a particular pain point that your lead magnet addresses for your visitors that read your guest post?

If so, then your headline should address it outright.

Don’t waste too much time coming up with a headline for your landing page.

Just aim for a headline that is clear and captures the attention of your target blog’s readers.


In your description, just dive into the details of your lead magnet offer.

If you want to take your landing page to the next level, you can explain who you are (what your background is).

Make a point of re-reading your landing page description or bullets to make sure the benefits of your free lead magnet appeal to the readers of your target blog.

It helps if your landing page description relates in some way to the topic of your guest post.

Have you landed on someone else’s landing page, only to wonder “what on earth is this offer about?”

Reading your headline will help visitors figure it out, but it’s not as valuable as actually seeing a picture of your lead magnet offer to get them to remember why they’re on your landing page and what you’re offering them for their email address.

Your visitor’s email address is considered sacred, so put in the time and effort to convince them your offer is worthwhile.

Recent Guest Post Landing Page Examples




Tom Hunt Guest Post Landing Page Example

Will Blunt Guest Post Landing Page Example

Opt-In Form

Another essential feature of your landing page is your opt-in form.

Again, you can ask for either an email address or first name and email address.

Just make sure to avoid asking for anything else.

The goal is to get them to opt-in to your email list and express interest in your lead magnet.

Make sure that after they were opt-in to your list, they automatically receive a copy of the offer you promised them on your landing page.

Nothing is worse than promising them something and failing to deliver.

Use a compelling lead magnet that entices your site visitors to give you their email address.

Recent Guest Post Optin Form Examples


Guest Post Pop-Over Optin Form

Step 8: After Your Guest Post is Published…

Congratulations! Your post is now live. There are several things you can do to maximize your post’s exposure and get the best possible list building results.

Start promoting the post

Start promoting it so that you can get maximum views on it.

  • Share it on your social media profiles at regular intervals. You can seek Buffer’s help to ensure regular sharing on your social media profiles.
  • Promote it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ groups. Make it non-slimy by writing a personalized message with the link.
  • You can even use part of the post – the intro, one of the sub heads, or even the conclusion – to provide value to the group members.
  • Email it to your email subscribers.
  • Use stats or quotes used in the post to make gorgeous graphics and post them on social media with a link to the post. You can create graphics on Canva or PicMonkey for free.
  • Email mid-tier influencers asking them to check out your post. More to follow on this content promotion strategy in an upcoming post…

Become a Comment Warrior

Hang around the website for a day or two and reply to all the comments on your post. Be prompt and send thoughtful, personalized replies to all of them.

For example:

{Commenter First Name}, thanks for your support and I’m happy you found the information helpful.

{Refer back to their comment here} is important for marketing your blog. Thanks for {commenting or sharing a resource or your advice}, {I look forward to hearing more from you soon or I’ll check it out}!

{Your First Name}

It really is easy, isn’t it?

If Jeff, Leo, Jon, and hundred others like them can build empires through this strategy, so can you.

Post Bonus: Get instant access to a massive rolodex of 290 guest blogging sites.

All you need to do is get started.

Decide on your goal, make a list of websites, and send in a pitch. It might not reap huge rewards in the initial few days, but remember these legends didn’t hit gold with their first, second or even the fifth article.

What websites would you like to contribute to or already contributed to? If you’ve successfully landed guest blogging opportunities in the past, what sites have helped you generate the most traction for your blog and email list? What do you think of our guest blogging guide? Do you have any resources you recommend for our readers who are learning how to write guest posts?

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Cody Lister is the Founder of MarketDoc. He gives businesses of all sizes the tools and advice they need to leave a bold mark on the web.


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    1. Thanks, Anam.

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    1. Hey Anne – Thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate your feedback. I agree with you that reading the blog is critical for successful guest blogging.

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    1. Thanks, Rhonda! Glad you liked the post and found value in it. LOVE this – keep living unstoppable! My new mantra for life, thanks 🙂

  32. Bethanne

    Love the brief success stories that you have listed on here, very encouraging. Thanks for the great tips and tools to get started in guest blogging. I’ll be using these to help me get started.

    1. Thank you, Bethanne! It’s always encouraging to read stories of other people and know that you can do it, just like they did it. Letc us know how your guest blogging journey goes 🙂

  33. Taylor

    I’ve actually been thinking about guest blogging but haven’t made that leap yet. This post if definitely pushinge towards testing it out. I got some great tips and awesome websites from this post to check out too!

    1. Glad the post resonated with you and will help you make your mark in the digital world! The key is to start and everything follows. Do keep us in the loop with what happens, Taylor 🙂

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    1. Awesome, Sol. Give it a read when you’re establishing your guest blogging strategy, it will help you get maximum results out of it.

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    This is actually something I’ve thought about for a long time. As a blogger and author, I can’t seem to get hits on my blog. Yet, I’ve put so much energy into blogging that I haven’t put the time into guest posting. I think I’m going to take another look at it. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Hey Jen, thanks for reading the post. And definitely. Guest blogging is the fastest way to direct traffic to your blog and make a tribe of loyal readers. Let us know how your guest blogging journey goes 🙂

  36. Mastering the pitch is the absolute best thing you can do to get guest post opportunities. People are busy, and introductions are hard to get. Learn how to quickly convey you’ll be providing real, unique value and you’ll open many more doors than the rest of the techniques combined.

    1. Definitely, Alex. Mastering the pitch is the best way to quickly pave your way in the guest blogging world! Thanks for reading the article 🙂

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    1. There are several more A-list bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who built their empires by focusing on guest blogging.

      If it seems too intimidating, start off by pitching to small and medium blogs, and then climb your way up to the top.

      Thanks for dropping by, Siddaiah 🙂

  39. TIm Granger

    Guest posting didn’t made a whole lot of difference for my website, that is why I stopped doing it. However, after reading this post I can say that I’ve done many things wrong and didn’t use the correct steps or put in the needed effort. I’m so excited after reading this, I want to do 3 or 4 guest posts based on the tips in this article. Thanks Maham, you have obviously done another great job. This is coming from one of your subscribers.

    1. So glad to hear from one of my subscribers, Tlm! 🙂

      And, yes. You need to have a proper guest blogging strategy in place to get the most out of it. Let us know how it goes, Tlm.

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    Didn’t know the bloggers you’ve mentioned in the article, but after I did a little research, yes you are right, they are making good money with this strategy. So, why I’m not implementing it? Well I will certainly start after reading this.. Hope I will have 20% of the success they’ve had. I’m now subscribed to the blog as well. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks, Neil. These bloggers made empires using this strategy, and you can, too. With a solid guest blogging strategy in place, you can easily get these results 🙂

  41. John Reed

    Really impressed of how the steps are written and ordered. This is a great guide. I’ve done some guest posts, but I didn’t took them seriously. I aimed for the backlinks and didn’t care if the posts get popular. Well, this article opens different perspective. Thanks for the detailed information. I found it quite useful.

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    Wow. Great article. Thanks for the great suggestions. I’ve looked to some of the blogs you suggested and definitely they are all great blogs. Well-researched. I’m keeping this gem, it will be useful for me in the future.

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  44. Great resource Maham-

    It’s good to read a piece that is packed with such practical information. I have had some success with guest blogging and see its power. By adding some of the tips and resources you’ve included here I’m excited about getting to another level.


    1. Thanks so much, Norm! Guest blogging definitely has a lot of power in the online world, and I’m glad to know you’ve had a positive experience with it.

      Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  45. Bob Perlman

    Bookmarked the article and I’m truly impressed. There is so much relevant information and details on how to act to earn more. I’m really excited to implement the tips and advises posted here. I’m try to take my blog to a whole another level and I truly needed this.

    1. Glad to hear this, Bob! We tried to create a guide that would dig deep into this topic and provide you with an actionable plan to take your blog to next level.

      Do share with us how your guest blogging journey goes!

  46. Awesome resource, love the tips! Thnks for sharing, now I’ve a whole new bookmarked article and I’ll need to read it again, a lot of cool things to consider from here 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, Fabiola! We worked hard on putting together this “all inclusive” resource and Maham is an awesome guest contributor! I look forward to reading more of your comments. Come back soon and let me know if we can be of help in any way with your guest blogging efforts. 🙂

      – Cody

  47. TJ McCoy

    What a fantastic post! I haven’t even finished reading it yet before commenting because I opted in for your bonus list of 250 sites that accept guest posts. WHAT A RESOURCE! I couldn’t go any further without giving you props.

    Great job.

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